Back-Up Your Files With Free Cloud Storage

With cloud services being heavily asked for all the corporate houses, a number of IT companies in London have come up with specialised units for the management of the cloud platforms. These companies can help you in all aspects of the cloud management from the cloud storage to the sharing files and folders over the platform.

But a major problem that the companies are facing is that the open cloud platform is vulnerable to the crashes while the private or high-security platform doesn’t allow you with so many access powers. Thus, for the bigger companies, it is quite a complex problem as they have to use the public cloud with heavy risk of data security. To make the task easier for these companies, cloud experts offer Managed Cloud Backup in London that can help you to safeguard your data even in case your network is infected by the viruses.

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This service is also very beneficial for the individual users who need to format their laptops or cell phones as they can now have a back-up file on their cloud account. Most of these companies offer a limited amount of free cloud storage for the individual users.

But since the corporate houses have large data files, they need to adapt to a fixed chargeable plan on which they are granted with unlimited back-up facility. You can have a good look on the back-up plans in order to get the best deal and ensure that your data is safe even when the system gets corrupt.

Making Use of Magento To Develop Your Online Store

As the website building has been a popular option in all parts of the globe today, there are many website development tools available at cost effective options to the customers. When you are looking to create your own ecommerce site, there are many platforms available on the internet which you can make use of in order to get the best results. Magento is one such option that allows the users to have complete control and flexibility when it comes to building their own website.

The advantages of using Magento to build your own site

Magento offers many different advantages and benefits to its customers such as the below, according to WebCreationUS, a Phoenix based website design company:

  • It is free to use– As it is a free platform, anybody can download it over the internet in order to get help in building their own website. Due to its simple and cost effective approach, it has become a popular option all around the globe.
  • Offers SEO implementation– Not only does it provides help in building your own website, but it also implements SEO practices. With the help of Magento search extension, you can make your website more relevant to search results and thus get better exposure and results from it.
  • Highly customizable– As there are a number of different themes and designs available on the Magento platform, customers can get a highly customized and unique design when it comes to developing their own website.

By keeping a few things in mind, you can ensure that your website gets the traffic and exposure that it needs in order to make it a successful venture.